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Episode 3 - Universally Accepted Myth - You Will Be In a Lower Tax Bracket In Retirement

August 31, 2017

Joe Biondolillo shares how many people in retirement feel they will be paying less money from a tax perspective. In fact, some actually pay higher taxes and while we can’t do anything about high taxes, we can plan for it. Learn more about how to plan for retirement and retirement preparing in this podcast.

Disclosure: Joseph Biondilillo, Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (guardian).  New York, NY, BiondFinancial/Biondilillo Financial Group, LLC, is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Guardian. Guardian, its subsidiaries, agents and employees do not provie tax, legal or accounting advice.  Consult your tax, legal or accounting professional regarding tour individual situation. 2019-78004 Exp. 5/21

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